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Why is my rubber plant dropping leaves?

Wondering why your rubber plant dropping leaves? Here are the top causes and solutions to stop your rubber tree from losing leaves!

Rubber plants are super popular houseplants. They are a type of ficus and, in general, very easy to care for.

However, just because they are easy to care for doesn’t mean that they will always be perfectly easy going.

Sometimes, even a healthy rubber plant can start dropping leaves.

Coming home to a pile of rubber plant leaves falling off your tree can be quite traumatic.

But, actually, it is a helpful sign that all is not OK with your rubber tree plant.

By noticing the problem, you can figure out the cause and work to fix it!

Today we are going to help you understand why your rubber plant is dropping leaves and offer solutions on how to fix the issue!

Why is my rubber plant dropping leaves

Common Causes of Rubber Plant Leaf Drop

The most common causes of rubber plant leaf drop include:

  • Overwatering
  • Under watering
  • Temperature issues
  • Humiditiy issues
  • Lighting isses
  • Pests and Diseases
leaf that has fallen off a rubber plant


Overwatering is the top killer of houseplants. You might call it “too much love”.

Signs that your rubber plant may be overwatered include yellowing leaves and soil that feels very wet to the touch.

The fix for an overwatered rubber plant

The best way to avoid over watering is to be sure that your pot has drainage holes and you allow any excess water to drain off.

Pooling water in the bottom of the bot can lead to the roots not being able to get oxygen. They then rot and die, and then the plant can’t absorb any nutrients and it starts to die off.

If your soil is very soggy, pull it out off the pot, knock off the wet soil, and repot in fresh soil.

If the roots are black and mushy, cut them off and consider propagating in water if there is not any roots left.

Moving forward, water less often!

leaf that has fallen off a rubber plant

Under watering

Rubber plants need water to survive. Without enough water, the leaves will start to look wilted and droopy.

The fix for an under watered rubber plant

If your plant’s soil feels rock hard and compact, I suggest repotting it in fresh potting soil. Water tends to run right off hard soil and not absorb as well.

Then, water your plant more frequently – when the top 2 inches of the plant feel dry to the touch.

leaf that has fallen off a rubber plant

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors have to do with the specific environment you have your rubber plant in. Issues with temperature, humidity, and light can impact your rubber plant.


These plants do not do well with wild swings in temperature. Cold air drafts could cause leaves to drop, and so could a blast from the heater in winter!

Make sure your plant is away from drafts. Keep it indoors when outdoor temperatures fall below 50 degrees over night.


Rubber plants are tropical plants that like a humid environment. If brown crispy leaves are falling off your rubber plant, it could be due to lack of humidity.

Consider misting, running a humidifier, using a pebble tray, or cluster plants together to increase humidity!


Rubber plants like bright indirect light.

Too much direct sunlight will cause sunburn, which can cause the plant to lose leaves.

Not enough sun can make the rubber tree leaves droop and fall off.

Find a spot with bright, indirect light for best results.

leaf that has fallen off a rubber plant

Pests and Diseases

Some pests and diseases can affect rubber plants. Pest infestation could lead to a rubber plant losing leaves.

The fix for a pest-infested rubber plant

Wiping down your leaves can help to remove webbing or small insects. Treating with neem oil will help to get rid of many pests, too.

leaf that has fallen off a rubber plant

How to Revive Your Rubber Plant

Here is the process that I use to revive a dying plant.

  1. Assess the damage
  2. Determine the underlying cause
  3. Take action to correct the issue
  4. Monitor your plant’s progress
  5. Celebrate your plant’s recovery

Overall, it is important to be patient and consistent in caring for your rubber plants. The fact that you noticed an issue and are working to reverse it is a great sign that you can save your plant!

Any questions about your rubber plant’s leaf drop?

Thanks for reading!

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