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Why is My Citronella Plant Turning Yellow?

Is your Citronella plant turning yellow? Discover our top tips for reviving your aromatic mosquito-repelling plant and keeping those yellow leaves at bay! Citronella plant is more than just its fragrant leaves and pretty lavender flowers; it’s a great addition to any garden, especially for keeping those mosquitoes away. Citronella plants are generally easy to …

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Citronella Plant Winter Care

Bracing for the chill? Learn how to shield your citronella plant this winter with our top citronella plant winter care strategies. The popular citronella plant has earned several nicknames throughout its lifetime. You may have heard it named lemon geranium or mosquito plant. These names are typically associated with Pelargonium Citrosum, a particular variety of …

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How to Prune a Citronella Plant

Looking to perfect your citronella plant’s growth? Our expert tips on how to prune citronella plant will help you maintain the perfect garden ambiance. Do you find enjoy the lemony scent of citronella? This versatile herb has captivated many with its diverse uses, from enhancing summer beverages like punches and mojitos to its natural mosquito-repelling …

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