How to drill drainage holes in ceramic pots

Have a beautiful pot you want to use – but it has no drainage holes? Here’s how to drill them yourself to avoid soggy roots!

– Cordless drill – Diamond drill bit – Ceramic pot – Safety glasses – Awesome plants!

Tools needed

If you have a ceramic pot, you will need a diamond drill bit to drill through it. These are sometimes labeled as masonry drill bits.

Step 1

Flip the pot upside down and wet the top (bottom) of the pot

Step 2

Start by holding the drill at a 45 degree angle to establish your drilling.

Step 3

Once you feel the drill bit catching, straighten the drill to be at a 90 degree angle straight up and down and increase the speed of the drilling

Step 4

Add your plant and fresh soil to the pot. The drainage holes should give it proper drainage

Step 5

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